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Here are some of the scariest charts in finance to celebrate Halloween

Bond Vigilantes 31/10/2017  

Investment markets have been remarkably resilient over the course of 2017. Sure, the geopolitical environment has thrown up a few frightening days which saw markets sell-off but on the whole… Read more »

European Central Banks: it’s not just the ECB meeting on Thursday

Bond Vigilantes 25/10/2017  

While the market gears up for the much anticipated European Central Bank meeting on Thursday, there are two other European central banks due to meet earlier in the day; Sweden… Read more »

Trump should reappoint Yellen. Also: credit spreads are tight, Tesla, Laffer’s napkin and other stuff.

Bond Vigilantes 18/10/2017  

The Fed Chair choice should be obvious for Trump.  Yellen all the way.  I don’t understand why he would choose Taylor. President Trump is likely to announce his choice for… Read more »

Three things to watch as the Czech National Bank removes its FX floor later this year

Bond Vigilantes 15/02/2017  

For over 3 years, the Czech National Bank (CNB) has maintained the Czech Koruna (CZK) exchange rate close to 27 CZK to the Euro (EUR), essentially using its currency –as… Read more »

Poor old ECB. Damned if it does, damned if it doesn’t.

Bond Vigilantes 08/12/2016  

The votes are in and it’s pretty unanimous. Despite Mario Draghi’s best efforts to persuade otherwise, the market is clear that today’s announcements are tantamount to tapering. Frankly anything less… Read more »